Nail Polish for Autumn 2019

Hey! Who loves beautiful nails? Me! And that’s what we are going to talk about today. Nail polish for autumn 2019. Yayy!

I’ve already shown you my new beautiful nail polish on my Instagram. Definitely go check that out too. But I’m going to show it to you here as well. And add some products I want to get in the near future.

I have always been a huge fan of Essence. Especially when it comes to nails. I can’t even remember whether I had a nail polish from other brands. That’s how dedicated I am to this brand. This time, I also got nail polish only from Essence and so you know, I can’t be more satisfied.

Golden shade – Essence Nail Polish

Nail Polish for Autumn 2019

The very first nail polish I chose for this autumn is this beautiful gold one. At first, I was a little bit afraid that the shade would be too vivid. Because it would look more like a Christmas in October already. But I was pretty impressed when I first put it on. The shade is very soft and light and goes perfectly with all the colours that are out there during autumn. Love it!

There can’t be fall without red nail polish

Nail Polish for Autumn 2019

And just as the heading says, I would not survive this fall if I hadn’t bought this beautiful red nail polish. It’s nail polish for autumn 2019 and any other autumn as well. I wanted to go for a shade that is not too dark, yet not too light as well. And when I saw this exact one, I fell in love. I actually haven’t tried it yet, but it will be my very next choice. If you want to see how it looks on nails, I will definitely post a photo on my Instagram. Don’t forget to check it out!


I love glittery nails and that’s why I had to buy this one. Just as with the first one I’ve shown you, I was afraid it will be too strong. And just that there will be too much of the glitters. Guess what? It’s completely perfect just as any other nail polish from Essence. It’s soft, light and it’s such a pleasure to look at it. Definitely a nail polish for autumn 2019 (for me at least).

This is me! – Essence Nude Shades

I don’t know if you remember, but one of the very first beauty posts on my Insta included “This is me!” lipstick. And you, guys, loved it!

This collection of nail polish is also This is me! And it’s a perfect match for the lipsticks. Above you can see 3 shades I would pick for this fall. And I am seriously thinking about buying them right now. Oh, how I love Essence and their nail polishes!

The first shade is a perfect nude for a fall. It’s a little bit darker than my skin tone and still remains elegant and looking perfect.

The second one is a dream. Sometimes you just need that dark nails, right? Another perfect nail polish for autumn 2019. Love it!!

And when you look at the third one, you just know it’s perfect fall match. All these are so lovely and you can pick literally any of them and it will look amazing.

Nail Polish for autumn 2019

These were the nail polishes I love and would definitely buy for this fall. I think I will jump into my car and go look for some more right away.

If you have any other suggestions for beautiful nail polish for this fall, feel free to comment, message me or contact me in any way you love. I always love to hear from you!

Take care and see you later!

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